Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Re-visit to Wild Wild West

Thanks CH for giving me a lift to this very wild place in the western part of Singapore on 9 March. My last visit to this place was more than two years ago (see  There were many wild Lantana flowers in this wasteland but critters didn't seem to be interested in them.
There were many Bidens flowers too. While I was scanning a sea of flowers, suddenly a Yellow Flat (Mooreana  trichoneura trichoneura) caught my sight - this was my second sighting in the field. 

While chasing and stalking to shoot this guy, CH spot another more pristine Yellow Flat but slightly smaller. I managed to squeeze off a few shots while it was feeding on the Bidens flowers.
I believe this is a Common Caerulean (Jamides celeno aelianus). It was "sliding" its wings when I took a this shot - the whitish uppersides may be useful for us to identify the species correctly.
I was lucky to bump into a male Striped Blue Crow (Euploea mulciber mulciber) flitting around a drain. It was rather alert and sensitive to my presence. This is one of the two shots I took when it perched momentarily. 
A white jumping spider was roaming on a leaf surface near the entrance. I have not seen this before so I decided to snap a few shots. 
Except for the two Yellow Flats found in this wasteland, there wasn't any other interesting creatures holding us back. So, we decided to head to Mandai before noon.  

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