Sunday, February 24, 2013

An Afternoon Trip To Mandai Track 15

It was a very hot Saturday afternoon on 2 Feb. After lunch I dropped by Mandai Track 15 for a leisure walk. Along a shady trail near the entrance of the Mandai Park Connector, a Flatid planthopper flew pass me and landed on a dry leaf. 
There were many lycaenids fluttering along the biking trail. While I was patiently waiting to find out what they were, this Cornelian (Deudorix epijarbas cinnabarus) surprised me with a nice perch just in front of me.
I snapped a few quick shots before it scooted off to the canopy.
There were not many shooting opportunities so I continued walking deep into the forest along the biking trail. At one corner, I saw this Blue Brownie (Miletus symethus petronius) ovipositing on a grass blade where some some ants and aphids were present.  
There were quite a few dragonflies near the reservoir edge. Thus should be a male Cratilla metallica, a rather common species in the forest.  
A few alert and active Common Posies (Drupadia rufotaenia rufotaenia) kept flitting and changing their perches. I didn't have much patience chasing them for a better shot.

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