Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lornie Trail On A Friday Morning

Just like any other working day, my body clock never failed to wake me up early on 22 Feb even though I didn't have to work. After a quick breakfast, I decided to take a morning walk along Lornie Trail (LT) in the forest. The cicada songs were louder than before and there was no sign of other human beings for a long period of time.

There were quite a few Elbowed Pierrots (
Caleta elna Elvira) fluttering along the trail . One of them and a pointed Line Blue (Ionolyce helicon merguiana) were enjoying a good breakfast on a pool of bird droppings. If it were a weekend, I wouldn't have a chance to encounter this scene along any foot path.

The Elbow Pierrot decided to flee, leaving behind the Pointed Line Blue.

An usually small Ciliate Blue (Anthene emolus goberus) came down from the canopy to tease me a few times. At last, I got a few shots and it was such a pristine specimen that we could see the tiny tails on the hindwings.

Flitting from flower to flower of the Mile-a-Minute weed, this Common Tit (Hypolycaena erylus teatus) was busy feeding on the flowers most of the time.

Occasionally, it opened its wings partially to sunbathe.

I hope the readers can tell the subtle differences between these two Eurema species . The first one is the Eurema simulatrix tecmessa and the second shot is a Chocolate Grass Yellow (Eurema sari sodalis).

Perhaps this is a Potanthus ganda again.

After an hour or so shooting at the reservoir edge, I was on my way back. Along a shady trail leading to the main road, I spotted two skippers, the Large Snow Flat (Tagiades gana gana) and the Common Snow Flat (Tagiades japetus atticus) - both preferred hiding underneath the leaf.

I look forward to the days when I can visit the forest every morning.

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