Friday, February 24, 2012

A Short Outing to MNT

On a fine Saturday morning (11 Feb), I went for a short outing to a quiet corner of MacRitchie Nature Trail (MNT).

My first shot of the morning was this Chocolate Demon (Ancistroides nigrita maura). I spotted at least two of them zipping around and one of them finally decided to sunbathe on a Hairy Clidemia (Clidemia hirta) leaf.
It showed me another posture before it took off hastily.
I usually encountered the male of one of our smallest dragonflies, the Scarlet Pygmy (Nannophya pygmaea) at another location in the forest. So it was a pleasant surprise for me to see this female along a stream here.
I nearly missed this small damselfly which perched on a twig on the opposite side of the Scarlet Pygmy dragonfly.
Looking around for its prey on a leaf surface, this jumping spider was quite alert and refused to stay still.
On my way out, I noticed a Palm Bob (Suastus gremius gremius) taking a short rest on a Hairy Clidemia leaf.
This orange skipper belongs to the genus Potanthus . I have ruled out P. omaha as the veins of both wings are not prominently darken. I will post this shot at the ButterflyCircle forum to seek confirmation of the species
Due to a lunch commitment, I had to leave early. I wise I could have stayed longer as more skippers came out to sunbathe around 10 plus.

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