Saturday, December 17, 2011

USR on 10 Dec 2011

I was away for more than a week, attending conferences in Rotorua, New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia. When I came back, I really missed the greenery and the flying jewels of our forest. So on a fine Saturday morning (10 Dec) I set off early for a solo outing to Upper Seletar Reservoir (USR) Park.

You would agree with me that the Royal Assyrain (Terinos terpander robertsia) is a beautiful butterfly which I have not seen and taken any picture of it  for more than a year.

This elusive guy has the habit of hiding or perching underneath a leaf - so I was very lucky encountering this particular male sunbathing and puddling on some dried leaves. The iridescent purplish blue upperside hindwings are simply gorgeous and eye-catching under the sun or flash light.

The purplish-blue structural colour is less intense on the forewings. This was a lucky shot of an instantaneous moment when it was opening its wings fully while puddling.

It never stayed still at any spot while imbibing moisture from the ground or fallen leaves.
There were at least a dozen of a small damselfly near a stream. Is this the Prodasineura collaris (Collared Threadtail) ? 
This is a mating pair of  a kind of cricket. What did they do before mating ? The following 2 shots showed their behaviour.

On the whole it was a very quiet day at USR in terms of butterfly activity. But the appearance of  the relatively rare  Royal Assyrain really made my day.  

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