Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mandai Park Connector On 29 Aug

I dropped by at this Mandai Park Connector on 29 Aug which was an off day for many Singaporeans. I was quite fortunate to see and get a few butterfly shots during this short outing though the weather in the early afternoon was not very ideal for butterfly-hunting.

A few common Blues including this Gram Blue (Euchrysops cnejus cnejus) were fluttering around their host plant - a weedy ground climber, Vigna reflexopilosa.
Can you make a guess of this female lycaenid ?
I never expect I would see a female Scarce Silverstreak (Iraota rochana boswelliana ) open her wings fully in front of me - just a few seconds duration though. Look at the shot below, I am sure you could guess that she made a huge "vertical leap" to a leaf high up on a banana tree.
A brown skipper which looks like a Caltoris cormasa was zipping around with such a high speed that lost track of it. Somehow, I just tumbled on it when it perched on a leaf for me to snap a few quick shots.
You would find this white butterfly called Psyche (Leptosia nina malayana) flapping its wings casually, looking for flowers at a low level along forest fringes or in our wastelands. This was one of the moments I like - a picture showing its close affinity to its larval host plant, the Purple Cleome ( Cleome rutidosperma).
I noticed ants were usually found on the flowers of Vigna reflexopilosa. Take a loser look you should be able to find something else on the flowers - an interesting and amazing biological mutualism demonstrated by different species.
This beautiful blue dragonfly, perhaps a Diplacodes nebulosa was rather common at one waterlogged spot along the trail.
On the whole, the weather in the month of August this year was rather unusual - wetter than before. As such, I was not able to go for a long trekking into some of our remote wild places or nature reserve areas for quite a while.


  1. the blue dragon maybe Trithemis festiva? Weather lately very weird...

  2. Thanks Marcus for the id
    Yes, strange weather these days.
    Look like our rainy season is getting early each year.