Sunday, July 24, 2011

Butterfly Hunting@USR

Two weeks ago (9 July) I dropped by Upper Seletar Reservoir Park (USR) again hoping to hunt for the rarities that I saw but failed to photograph on 2 July.

My first encounter was this interesting pair of mating crane fly. Having very long legs with their slender bodies forming a curve, getting a good and sharp shot was a challenge for me.
Once they sensed my intrusion into their privacy, they flew off but still landed on a fallen leaf on the ground.
The Malayan Oakblue (Arhopala myrzala lammas ) is a rather rare forest lycaenid. The white stride markings on the hindwng beneath of this species are quite prominent and distinctive compared with other Arhopala species. Usually alert and skittish, this species was very sensitive to any movement - I could only get a long distance shot.
This female Malay Baron was well-camouflaged when it was puddling on the ground.
This Tree Flitter (Hyarotis adrastus praba) was resting in a shade behind the toilet. Very tame and our young butterfly enthusiast and his father also manged to snap a few shots.
This tiny critter which I have shot before (but I cannot recall the name now) appeared in front of me - how could I ignore such a pretty creature !

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