Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Quiet Morning @ Wild Wild West

Though Singapore is just a little red dot on a world map, we still have quite a number of wastelands and the central catchment nature reserve for nature lovers to replenish their body with fresh and clean air. Occasionally, if I really could not decide where I should head to for my routined weekend trekking and photographing session, I would let the bus to decide for me.

Last Saturday 18 September, the bus which was going to a wild place in the western side of Singapore arrived first and thus determined my outing location.

It was a slightly cloudy morning - insects were still lethargic and hiding in the comfort of their overnight shelters - whatever they were. A very skittish pair of Dark Brand Bush Brown (Mycalesis mineus macromalayana) finally showed up and gave me a bit of excitement - chasing and stalking before getting this shot.
The colour tone of the underside markings on this lycaenid butterfly, the Ancyra Blue (Catopyrops ancyra) is rather distinctive compared to other lycaenids. While it was "testing" the ground for a puddling spot, I quickly snapped a few shots. The life history of Ancyra Blue has been recorded in great details here.The Club Silverline (Spindasis syama terana) seems to have established a permanent resident status here. This species and its cousin Long-banded Silverline (Spindasis lohita senama) rarely puddle and they usually prefer to perch on the upperside of sun-lit foliage . I was rather fortunate to see this very pristine specimen with all its white-tipped tails in a perfect condition acting as a model for me to take shots from different angles.
A rather huge robberfly with its prey was found resting on a leaf surface at a distance away. It flew off when I went a few steps nearer.
Though it was a rather quiet outing in terms of wild life activity, I still enjoyed the feeling of getting close to nature, being surrounded by wilderrness and greenery and last but not least the "thrill" of being confronted by some unwelcoming creatures like this situation shown below.

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