Monday, August 30, 2010

Fivebar Swordtail @ Upper Seletar Reservoir

14 Aug was a lucky day for me at USR. While I walked behind the toilet towards the direction of the children playground, I noticed a Fivebar Swordtail (pathysa antiphates itamputi) perching on the edge of a leaf, above my eye level. I instinctively took a long distance shot - with the sky as part of the background. I approached closer and took more shots on this magnificent and attractive Swallowtail butterfly. A forest denizen that is fond of puddling on the damp ground, Fivebar Swordtail is a fast flyer with a pair of sword-like tails - a highly sought-after species by both photographers and butterfly collectors. A rather cooperative female dragonfly was found perching on a twig - I believe this is Orchithemis pulcherrima .
Lesser Darkie (Allotinus unicolour unicolour) is generally a shade-loving small lycaenid. It is rather common in the past few months - quite abundant in our nature reserves. Once it has settled down on a perch, it may rest there for a while. That is why I was able to take my time to compose and capture this shot at a rather slow shutter speed, 1/50.Lesser Darkie is known to have a symbiotic relationship with ants. Its larva is carnivorous and feeds on aphids or other small insects associated with ants.


  1. Federick, your photos are fantastic! I was just wondering what equipment you use?

  2. Susan, thanks for your kind comment.
    I am using a Tamron 180 f3.5 macro lens with a Nikon D200 body.

  3. Hi Frederick, I´d like to buy the licence of your photo of Allotinus unicolour unicolour for my Czech popular book. If you are interested, please, contact me: