Friday, January 22, 2010

Some Common Butterflies @ Ubin

I met Chng, KY and his friend at Ubin Jetty before we headed straight to the Butterfly Hill on a fine Saturday morning. As usual, Plain Tiger and Glassy Tiger butterflies were aplenty on the hill. I really had no great motivation chasing them. However these two Blue Glassy Tigers (Ideopsis vulgaris macrina) were quite tame and cooperative, putting up an elegant pose infront of me. I just didn't want to disappoint them by ignoring them without a shot.
I have not spotted Dwarf Crow (Euploea tulliolus ledereri ) on the main island. The smallest species of the genus Euploea that can be found in Singapore, Dwarf Crow seems to prefer feeding under morning sun before noon.
This particular shot was taken when it took a few seconds rest after feeding.While I was chasing the above Dwarf Crow feeding on the flowers of Common Snakeweed (Stachytarpheta indica), I saw this lonely moth caterpillar crawling towards a flower. I observed awhile and it did not seem to munch the lovely purple flower which attracted quite a number of butterflies.
Ladybug or Ladybirds are rather misleading common names given to this tiny and cute insect. This is in fact a small beetle belonging to the family Coccinellidae. Many species in this family are usually brightly coloured with distinctive black spots on the wings cover meant for warding off potential predators, a phenomenon called aposemetism.
This flowering shrub on the Butterfly Hill attracted quite a number of insect species including this honey bee. I have not found out what this shrub is.
It looks more like a Telicota species perhaps a Palm Dart (Telicota augias augias ). Quite a few orange-coloured skippers like this were seen feeding and zipping amongst the Biden's flowers. Here is another rather large orange skipper which does not look like a Telicota species.
A smaller yellow skipper, perhaps a Potanthus species was amongst many other skippers parading how they fed and then disappeared within seconds.
This male Horsfield's Baron (Tanaecia iapis puseda) was out to tease me along the Sensory Trail. He had a tendency of perching at the same spot after a short flight. Female is rarer but I believe KY shot one when she visited the Butterfly Hill. I have not been diligent in updating this blog since the beginning of the year. I hope I can post and clear my backlog of write-ups for my outings once I settle down well in my new working environment.


  1. nope. the baron was at the trail too. and i cant be sure whether its a female or not coz it was zapping away. -ky

  2. Man... awesome shots again~ envious =.=" haha

  3. Thanks Siyang for your kind words.
    You got many good shots in you blog.