Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Abdominal Motion of Damselflies

For a change of my blogging style, in this post I just focus on two series of shots which I took during my outings to our nature reserves in the Central Catchment area.

I love to shoot Ceriagrion cerinorubellum because it is one of the most beautiful and abundant damselfly species we can find in the nature reserves. Two C. cerinorubellum were spotted perching on different grass blades along a clear stream of water. I focused on shooting the one nearer to me. Lady's luck was with me that day. While composing my shots, all of a sudden, I noticed this beauty raising up its slender abdomen along a vertical plane. Of course, instinctively, I snapped and snapped.
I could see that in the next moment, the motion was faster and so drastic that the last section of the abdomen was moving both upwards and sideways and was no long in the same vertical plane as the front abdominal segments. As a result, the orange section of the abdomen was not as sharp as in the second shot.
Very quickly, the whole abdomen was aligned again eventually.Some years ago, I was rather lucky to witness how a Prodasineura notostigma damselfly, another common species curled up its abdomen. The last section of the abdomen started to bend downwards.
Next the second or the third last section began to follow suit. This motion of bending the abdomen was rather gradual and not so "violent" . One more section of the abdomen was seen curling downwards.
Now, it almost completed the bending motion. What a nice shape it formed. Until today, I have not seen this kind of motion again. What is the purpose of all these ? I am still looking for an answer.

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