Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another Quiet Day @ TBHP

I went on a solo outing to Telok Blangah Hill Park on a fine Saturday morning (8 Aug). I alighted at the bus stop below the Henderson Waves bridge and climbed up at least a hundred steps of staircases to reach Mount Faber Park.

First shot of the morning was this little Assassin bug feeding on the Leea indica flowers, slightly above my eye level.

I could see many more Asian foreigners then locals were trekking towards the Kent Ride Park direction. Perhaps, at this time of the year, many tourists are in town to celebrate our National Day too.

I decided to check out the site where some Butterfly Circle members found a rare Nacaduba species a few months ago. Again, I had no luck but I managed to spot this mating pair of Logania marmorata damis. Logania marmorata damis is a rather unattractive and inconspicuous Lycaenid butterfly. In the field, its fight pattern is rather erratic and appears in a zig-zag manner. I have not seen this species feeding on flowers. Very frequently, it was found together with ants because its larvae are known to feed on aphids.

This small fly was shot near the Alkaff Mansion. Look carefully, its tail end of the abdomen looks like its head. So I guess this is a form of decoy tactic used by insects to escape from their predators. [Note : I got it wrong completely - a pair of mating flies here. Thanks.]

This plant with variegated leaves looks like a Ficus species to me. Though the attractive flowers were aplenty, I was rather surprised to see that there was only one blue bee visiting these flowers and it never gave me a single chance to snap a shot. [note : see the comment from a reader below. This plant is not a Ficus. Thanks]It was a "dead' park in terms of fauna activity. Perhaps the hazy condition that day and the day before contributed to this phenomenon.


  1. Looks like there are 2 flies mating, the smaller fly has its own legs pointing towards its head.

    The plant with the variegated leaves, blue flowers and orange berries is Duranta erecta. Ficus do not exhibit showy flowers outside of their 'fruit'.

  2. Hi
    Oh yes. I did not notice there are two flies there. So embarrassing No wonder “it” looks so strange to me. Thanks.
    Thanks for that plant’s id also.