Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two Deaths @ Neo Tew Lane 2

I must thank Gerard for bringing me to this remote (to me) country side in the western part of Singapore on a very humid and hot Saturday morning. We reached there before 9 am, a time considered quite late for bird-watching but too early for butterfly photography. However, we still could see some birds and some Bush Brown and Ring butterflies hopping around among the grasses along the road side.

There were quite a number of brown skippers like these two shots here, busy zipping around in search of nectar. Perhaps due to the super hot morning sun, I noticed that they were extremely active and alert. It looked like a crab spider was lurking below the leaf, ready to attack the skipper. I vaguely remember that shortly after this shot was taken, the skipper flew off. Perhaps, my presence alerted the skipper and saved its life. But these two orange skippers were not so lucky. Both were killed by crab spiders.This Nepenthes crab spider waited very still on a Common Asystasia flower, ambushing insects which would come near the flower. It was so well camouflaged that even the larger and fast flying skippers could also become their meals.
A Cherry Tree (Muntingia calabura Family : Elaeocarpaceae) was flowering. The white flowers attracted quite a number of insects including bees, wasps and a few Appias libythea olferna (Striped Albatross) butterflies
This is a planthopper resting on a Lalang grass blade. This species looks quite small and I believe this was my first sighting . Two relatively rare butterfly species spotted:
1. Junonia atlites atlites (Grey Pansy)
2. Pandita sinope sinope

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