Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lornie Trail On 23 Oct

Though the weather was rather good on 23 Oct which was a lovely Sunday morning, I could only afford a short outing. I dropped by Lornie Trail and headed straight to my favorite spot for shooting.

At least half a dozen Bush Hoppers (Ampittia dioscorides camertes) were zipping around and resting on the overgrown ferns.
Bush Hopper does not seem to have the habit of opening its wings when perching on foliage. However, this was an instantaneous moment when one of them sunbathing on a leaf.
There were a few other orange skippers chasing each other and zipping around me. Whenever this guy rested it would open its wings fully like this. It looks like a Lesser Dart (Pothanthus omaha omaha).
What is this ? These patterns at the back of a lycaenid could be used to deceive the predators.
A forest lycaenid, Chocolate Royal (Remelana jangala travana) is not a common species. A very detailed and well-documented life history of this species can be found here on the Butterflycircle's (BC) blog.
An alert Tree Yellow (Gandaca harina distanti) was feeding on the flowers of the Mile-a-minute (Mikania micrantha). But it never stayed long enough for me to take more shots,.
I was rather lucky to see two Green Crested lizards (Bronchocela cristatella) at the same location. It was rather tame and I could go nearer and take a few shots on this handsome guy.
A beautiful native species, the Green Crested lizard has not been spotted as often as the Changeable Lizard (Calotes versicolor) which is non-native.
This brown skipper is the Common Snow Flat (Tagiades japetus atticus) - a permanent resident at the location.
Take a closer look if you could find something else on the flowers.
What a pity that this Jewel Four-line Blue ( Nacaduba sanaya elioti) has lost its two tails.
This is a male specimen of a Rounded 6-line Blue (Nacaduba berenice icena). A very skittish guy which took off to the canopy level after I had taken this shot. Thanks Seow from BC who had identified the two Nacaduba species for me.

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