Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Common Tree Nymph @ Upper Seletar Reservoir Park

I went to the Upper Seletar Reservoir Park (USRP) on two consecutive Saturday mornings (14 and 21 Sept). On 14 September, I met BJ at the park. and and we encountered a female Archduke ovipositing underneath a young leaf of her larval host plant - Mempat tree (Cratoxylum formosum). 
Strolling along the quiet forest trails was what we could do before we encountered this beautiful lycaenid Semanga superba deliciosa near the reservoir edge. 
At the entrance of another forest trail, a greenish blue tiger beetle caught my attention while it was foraging on a piece of wooden plank.
It didn't stay still - this shot was taken when it was turning away from me.
These shiny young leaves showing some beautiful hues of green were sprouting out from the forest floor - what plant is this ?  
We met a few other BC members along this forest trail - here I managed to shoot this Lesser Harlequin (Laxita thuisto thuisto) which kept "hopping" around.
We could see some other skittish butterflies zipping around but they were just too alert and fast for me to take any shots. So we decided to move out of the trail around noon. At the Ixora bushes, a female Chocolate Royal (Remelana jangala travana) was seen flying around and occasionally ovipositing eggs on some flower buds.
We were very fortunate to meet this slow-moving "tissue paper-like" large butterfly; The Common Tree Nymph (Idea stollin logani) at a shady corner along the first trail while we were on our way out.
A lucky morning for us as I have not shot this species for a long time.

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