Sunday, April 7, 2013

Have You Seen These Creatures in the Wild ? -Part 2

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In the shady and thick overgrown forested area, I could see some skippers zipping around but getting a shot of them was not easy. When this Common Awl (Hasora badra badra) landed underneath a leaf, I quickly approached closer and snapped a quick shot.
This was my third encounter of a very rare Yellow Chequered Lancer (Plastigia pellonia) but it gave me no time to think and adjust myself to take a better shot. Just one shot and it took off.
Just a few meters off a forest trail, I noticed a brown skipper (possibly a Caltoris malaya) darting past me before it landed on a dry leaf with some bird droppings.
Now, it landed on a leaf surface.
A male Common Palm Dart (Telicota colon stinga) was found perching on a leaf outside the forested area. Occasionally, it opened its wings for sun-bathing.
The Bamboo Tree Brown (Lethe europa malaya)  is famous for its skittishness but this particular pristine specimen gave us a bit more time to take a few shots when it landed on a slope.
This is a Malayan Lascar (Lasippa tiga siaka) sunbathed under the morning sum. It changed its perch a few times before settling down on the leaf long enough for me to snap some shots.
Here is another shot.
The Archduke (Lexias pardalis dirteana) is commonest Lexias species in Singapore. This male specimen was displaying its usual behaviour - flying past me a few times along a forest trail and settling down on dry leaf.  
Lastly, an arboreal Oriental Whip Snake (Ahaetulla prasina) was moving slowly away from me towards a higher perch when I spotted it on the main trail. A common snake in our nature reserve, the Oriental Whip Snake is mildly venomous but rather docile - leave it alone when you see one next time.

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