Sunday, April 21, 2013

From Lornie Trail to Rifle Range Link

An outing on 13 April to Lornie Trail was a disappointing one initially. The trail was exceptionally quiet even at my favourite spot where the Mile-a-Minute (Mikania  micrantha) flowers are. It was an eye-sore to see many Rabbit's Foot ferns (Davallia denticulata) were cleared but thrown at the site, affecting the grow of the Mile-a-Minute flowers.

No butterflies so I looked for dragonflies along the reservoir edge. A small-sized light blue dragonfly, perhaps a Pond Adjutant (Aethriamanta gracilis) presented a nice perch on a twig for me to snap a couple of shots. 
A very prominent and beautiful pink dragonfly flew past me and landed on the tip of an aquatic plant. I guess this is a Crimson Dropwing (Trithemis aurora).
Here is a close-up shot of its compound eyes.
Along the way to the Rifle Range Link, a very tame and interesting-looking shield bug was found hiding underneath a big Dillenia leaf. On first look, the patterns on the body resemble another smaller shield bug riding on the body. 
At the Jelutong Hut, a lonely Blue Spotted Crow (Euploea midamus singapura) was hanging out at the hut. I took an instinctive shot when it perched high on a leaf.
Before I reached the "spa" area, a female Black Tipped Archduke (Lexias dirtea merguia)  was flying low along the forest trail. I grabbed a golden opportunity when she landed just a few steps away from me.
Finally, I reach the "spa" area where I met BJ. The weather was hot and humid and I could see some butterflies were searching for puddling spots - but what a pity, l didn't have anything to make  them to stay on the ground longer. 

The Common Hedge Blue (Acytolepis puspa lambi) was the first cooperative lycaenid settling on the wet sandy ground. 
Giving up hope of photographing puddling butterflies, I decided to move around the area. I bumped into this Malayan Sunbeam (Curetis santana malayica) resting underneath a leaf above my head.
This male Cruiser (Vidula dejon erotella) was teasing us for a long time. Finally it was attracted by a dry fruit of the Singapore Rhododendron.
Well, it wasn't too bad at the end - at least I could still snap some butterfly shots though after spending a long time waiting and chasing for them. I must thank BJ for giving me a lift back to Yishun after a quick lunch at Bukit Timah hawker centre.

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