Saturday, December 30, 2023

Lornie Nature Corridor Part 3

I could not remember when I last encountered the Malay Lacewing (Cethosia hypsia) but on 12 Nov, we saw a couple of them at the Lornie Nature Corridor on a rather overcast morning. When the sunshine is slowly piercing through the clouds, we started to see more butterfly activities.

This is a male Caltoris cormasa. It was quite restless and zipping around before it finally decided to feed on the Latana flowers for us to take some shots.

The Small Branded Swift (Pelopidas mathias mathias) is rather common  
When I spotted a Malay Lacewing (Cethosia hypsea hypsina) it was actually resting on a leaf surface. Perhaps due to the cool weather, its flight was rather weak and had frequent perches.
From the upperside shots, we can tell that this is a female.
Her male companion was feeding on the Lantana flowers. 
After feeding, he took a short perch.
The Malay Viscount (Tanaecia pelea pelea) was abundant as usual. A male was found feeding on some dry and perhaps fermented fruits of the Singapore Rhododendron (Melastoma malabathricum). 
Elioti Conalian (Deudorix elioti) seemed to be in season in mid November. We found at least 3 or 4 individuals along the nature corridor somewhere between two the bus stops.
Same specimen but a different pose for me.
The more common Deudorix species is the Cornelian (D. epijarbus). At times, we could see at least half a dozen of them flitting around and feeding on the wild flowers.
Yamfly (Loxura atymnus fuconius) also seems to be very common along this nature corridor.  A rather pristine specimen attracted my interest in taking a few shots of it.  
 A skittish Common Lascar (Pantoporia hordonia hordonia) kept visiting the Mile-a-minute flowers but it didn't stay still - I could only get some quick snap shots.
Its underside shots
My first sighting of the Suffused Flash (Rapala suffusa barthema) along the Lornie Nature Corridor - thanks to John who spotted it.
I have spotted the Aberrant Oakblue (Arhopala abseus abseus) from far a few times before but this was my most recent shot.    
This is a male of the Malay Baron (Euthalia monina monina) - an interesting species that the male has three different forms - this is form-decorata.

My last post of the Year 2023, wishing every butterfly-lover a joyful and healthy new year ahead. Let's us find time to explore new hunting grounds for butterfly-photography and don't get trapped in our own comfort zones in Year 2024 !

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