Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Community Herb Garden @ NTU

The herb garden at Nanyang Technological University (NTU)  has been changed to a new name - Community Herb Garden (see my previous blog article). I visited the garden again on a fine Saturday morning during one of weekly outings.   
There were not many critters and butterflies fluttering in the garden this time. But I did manage to snap a few butterfly shots. A rather small orange skipper - a Potanthus species loved to open its wings whenever it settled on a new perch. With great patience, I finally snapped a quick shot of its underside. The black patches on the hindwing beneath look strange to me.    
With the uppersides shot, I still cannot identify it with confidence.  
This is the Grass Demon (Udaspes folus)  flitting around at the ground level.  
When there were less critters to shoot, I decided to take some flower shots. I have no idea about what these flowers are. A rather big five-petal herbal plant flower   
A cluster of interesting flowers were blooming in a radial pattern.
These Purplish-blue  flowers were prominent enough to attract my attention, 
A kind of Cat's Whiskers flowers were in full bloom
The nectar of this white flower must be very delicious for this small little bug which stayed in the flower for quite sometime.

The garden appeared to have suffered  from a shortage of manpower for maintenance. The endowment fund that has been set up by NTU  to support this garden has so far raised $500k which is a mere quarter of the targeted amount. Let us do our part to keep this herbs' garden, making it a unique and a special herb garden in Singapore (read here for more information).

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