Friday, May 11, 2012

A Scarlet Flash @ MacRitchie Nature Trail

On a cloudy Saturday morning (28 April) I decided to take a slow walk along MacRitchie Nature Trail. There wasn't anything worth shooting until I saw a couple of Peacock Pansies (Junonia almana javana)  frolicking, feeding and basking under the morning sun. 
There were some Mike-a-Minute flowers at one of my favourite locations. I spotted this male Scarlet Flash (Rapala dieneces dieneces) feeding voraciously on the flowers. Oblivious to my presence, it allowed me to take quite a number of shots of his different feeding postures.
It moved from flowers to flowers. I didn't know it was so close to death while feeding on one of the clusters of flowers.
Now, it was even closer to the crab spider and one of his legs was in fact touching the spider. The spider seemed to be busy with other things ?
He even demonstrated different stunts when feeding.
This hairy larva belongs to a moth species for sure. It was lying so still on a leaf surface that any predator could easily swallow it up.     
Last shot of a very quiet morning was this Common Snow Flat (Tagiades japetus atticus ) just before it scooted off from a leaf high up above me. 

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