Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Beautiful Lycaenid Outside NTU

On a fine Saturday morning (10 March),  for a change, I decided to explore a patch of  forested area in the western part of Singapore outside the Nanyang Technological University (NTU).  

My first shot of the morning was this Pea Blue (Lampides boeticus) in a wasteland not far away from the entrance to NTU.
I walked around the wasteland and found this rather "hagged" Silver-Forget-Me-Not (Catochrysops panormus exiguus) - a relatively uncommon lycaenid.
This is a common wasteland  butterfly, the Common Sailor (Neptis hylas papaja). It came out to feed and sunbathe in the morning sun.  
Before I left this wasteland, I noticed a wasp (this is a fly) moving  from leaf to leaf.
A Tailless Line Blue (Prosotas dubiosa lumpura) was puddling on a road outside an army camp.  
A large part of a forested area on both sides of Nanyang Avenue was cleared, giving way to the construction of  the CleanTech Park and widening of road.

I was very pleased to spot a couple of  Harlequin (Taxila haquinus haguinus) in a small sector of the remaining forested area. The life history of this species was excellently recorded here.    
This is a female with her forewing sub-apical region more whitish. No one will deny the beauty of this lovely and rather tame lycaenid but the survival of this species has been severely threatened by the loss of its preferred habitat (see the save the Herlequin project here ).  
This orange skipper looks like a Common Dartlet (Oriens gola pseudolus), displaying a nice perch at my eye-level.    
A skittish Tawny Palmfly (Elymnias panthera panthera) really tested my patience - I could only manage a "hike-and-seek" shot -- shooting through some leaves. 
Due to one special reason, I was extremely excited to see an orange butterfly gliding at the tree top.Waiting patiently, I finally had a puddling shot when it came down. A bit disappointed, it was just a Malayan Lascar ( Lasippa tiga siaka).    
 Lastly, I would end this post with this dragonfly - I will find out the name later.
I feel that the wild places in western part of the island state have not been explored often. I am quite sure that these places would give us surprises in terms of biodiversity.                       

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