Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Hot Afternoon on MacRitchie Nature Trail

It was a sunny and hot Saturday (17 Oct) at last. After lunch, I went to MacRitchie Nature Trail alone. In fact, I didn't feel the heat wave to be unbearable the moment I was strolling along the trail.

We would never fail to spot Micropezid Fly (Mimegralla albimana) in our shady forest. Having long and white-tipped legs, this fly usually stretches out the front legs to fend off potential predators (I guess). Looking this shot on the computer screen, I realised that this fly actually stretched out its right front leg across its head while I was taking the shot. Malay Baron ( Euthalia monina monina) is a relatively common forest denizen. It was rather unusual to see a female puddling on the ground. I kept chasing and stalking this female up and down along the main trail because she always landed on the ground again after a short flight. At last she found a sweet spot and luckily, there were not many people using the trail on a Saturday afternoon otherwise I would not have a chance to snap a few shots. I have seen quite a few different species of robber flies (Family : Asilidae) in our forest and wastelands in the past. I am quite sure these two robber flies are different species. I think these common and fierce predators are generally understudied here. This is a St Andrew's Cross spider (Argiope species) which is quite common in our nature reserves. I usually found it resting on its orb-web and the white opaque zig zag webs at the corners made it quite distinctive and different from the rest of the spider species. I hope I didn't bore you with all the same old species that I have posted before in this blog. Yes, I have not been able to spot and shoot something new for a long time. Let's hope that I have good luck in my future outings.

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